Applied knowledge is wisdom and wisdom is a perceived way of doing things in a smarter form. Whenever individual hits enlightenment there is always this joy felt from within the soul with the feeling of, in your voice “at last I did it”. Of course this comes with many hours of trials and study.

Education is good, it provides with the basic theoretical background and all that. Real education is when an individual is sound in every aspect of their field of study. For example a chemist or an industrial chemist will know little or nothing about chemicals if he limits his methods of study to the four walls of the class room or the laboratory that are deficient in research chemicals, as they are in the real world.

That is why there is such thing as internship program. It further enhances your ability in your area of study. As a chemist or an industrial chemist, it will be good for you to apply to work with research chemicals in order to know how research chemicals work and how they prepared. In that way, you can start applying you knowledge on research chemicals gathered from the internship program (applying to work with research chemicals).

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